Message from Jaclyn Cosmetics, June 2019:

Product quality and safety is extremely important to us and we take every precaution to create the best possible products for our customers. Despite testing and quality checks, a small quantity of the lipsticks purchased from our launch collection did not meet these standards. We thank all of those who brought this to our attention and want to assure everyone that our products are safe. Please see additional information below:

Why did it take Jaclyn Cosmetics so long to decide to issue a refund?

Over the past few weeks, consumers have brought forward a number of quality issues with regard to our So Rich Lipsticks. We’ve taken this feedback very seriously and have been conducting a thorough investigation of each issue brought to our attention. We’ve also taken time to perform extensive additional third-party testing on the product to ensure we’re giving you the most accurate information possible. 

We’ve determined that the quality of more than enough of our So Rich Lipstick production did not meet the standards we aimed to achieve. As such, we’ve contacted everyone who purchased the product to issue a full refund (including shipping charges). 

Why are you not recalling the lipsticks?

After a thorough investigation and extensive third-party testing, several labs and safety assessors have confirmed that while a fraction of our lipsticks did not meet our brand standards of quality, they are in full compliance with FDA regulation and safe to use. 

Do I have to return my product to get my refund?

You do not need to return the product to get your full refund. Be on the lookout for an email confirming your refund amount, including shipping charges. Please allow up to 7 business days for your refund to post back to your account. If you have any questions, please email us at 

What if I want a replacement, not a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a replacement at this time. We will be issuing a full refund to everyone who purchased So Rich Lipsticks. We are currently working to partner with a new manufacturer that can make our products according to the standards we’ve set. In the meantime, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook and sign up for our emails to get all the latest updates.  

Why is my refund taking so long?

It can take up to 7 business days for your full refund to post back to your account. If you have any questions, please email us at

Is my lipstick safe to use?

Jaclyn Cosmetics lipsticks are made with cosmetic industry-standard, FDA compliant ingredients and are produced in an OTC (Over the Counter) compliant factory that is registered with the FDA, providing high degrees of safety standards and rigorous testing. The issues reported over the last several weeks are related to irregularities in the manufacturing process which are being fixed and do not impact the ingredients, formula, or safety of our products. If you would like to review the results of our recent safety tests, you can view the PDFs here.

Is my lipstick old?

Our launch collection was manufactured in May 2019, the same month that we launched our brand. Any claims that our lipsticks were made years ago or that the lipstick contains mold are completely false. The preservative system, the material composition of the formula and processing temperature of our lipstick formula does not support microbial growth and protects the formula through the expiry date of May 2021.

What if my lipstick has a grainy or rough texture or appears to have particles in it?

In a small number of lipsticks, raw materials were not mixed properly or processed long enough resulting in grittiness and particles. Despite the unpleasant texture, all ingredients in our lipsticks are FDA compliant and safe for consumers.

What if I see small holes in my lipstick?

Small air holes that are actually pinholes can form as the bullet is released from the silicone cup. The contained air is released during the final production process leaving the tiny pinholes on the surface. This result is not uncommon and does occasionally happen during manufacturing but does not impact performance or safety of the product.

What if I see lint on the product, component or lipstick bullets?

In certain cases, lint was found on the product as a result of white inspection gloves used to handle our product or equipment during the manufacturing process. A very small number of units were impacted, and the factory is now using neoprene gloves to prevent this issue in the future.

What if my lipstick looks melted or appears to be soft or leaning?

Our manufacturing partner as well as independent 3rd party testing laboratories conducted tests on each shade of the lipsticks and confirmed a melting point between 129 to 152 degrees Fahrenheit. However, a lipstick can soften at temperatures lower than the melting point if exposed to heat over an extended period of time. While we are able to control the environment during transit from our manufacturer to our warehouse, we do not have complete control over the shipping conditions from when a package leaves our warehouse to when it is dropped off at the customer’s address. Significant changes in temperature can cause melting and damage to the bullet, as well as the appearance of moisture beads or wet or damp spots on the lipstick bullet. However, the formula and ingredients are completely safe.
We are working with our shipping materials and providers to better produce a solution during transit, particularly during the summer months.

Why is the batch code the same for all of the lipsticks?

We track our products through production codes, not batch codes, consistent with industry standards. Since the first production of our lipsticks were produced in May 2019, to support the launch, all production codes on the lipsticks match.

Are your products cruelty-free?

Jaclyn Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand. This means we do not test any of our products or ingredients on animals, and we don't allow our manufacturers or any 3rd parties to do so on our behalf.

Who owns Jaclyn Cosmetics?

Jaclyn Hill owns Jaclyn Cosmetics.

Who is Elevate Brand Partners?

Elevate Brand Partners is a strategic and financial partner to Jaclyn Cosmetics. They help entrepreneurs like Jaclyn start their business.