Last summer, Jaclyn Cosmetics’ launched a highlighter that would just as quickly sell out – the Reflective Light Putty Highlighter. It was beyond divine, designed with a unique blend of pearls for a buildable finish and a metallic powder to deliver that covetable wet summer look in 4 epic shades. Well, Jaclyn Hill brought it back and people want to know – what even is a putty highlighter anyway, and why does it make for such an incredible high-shine look?

Jaclyn Hill's Reflective Light Putty Highlighter in Iced - Warmth. Depth. Shine. Collection


It’s all about the texture — in the packaging itself the highlighter has an almost plumping, cooling feel to it. It’s not dry or powdery at all, almost like hydrated skin itself. That texture in pan transitions seamlessly onto the skin like butter – no skipping, minimal need to blend, just pure shine.


Totally blendable and versatile, these putty highlighters can be swiped onto skin and blended with your fingertips for high-watt shine or use a beauty sponge for a subtle sheen. Experience a melting sensation upon application and you’ll fall in love.

Jaclyn Hill's Reflective Light Putty Highlighter in Iced On-Figure - Warmth. Depth. Shine. Collection


Think a mermaid that just slipped out of the ocean, or the hot girl at the pool drying off on a chaise lounge. This putty highlighter is pure summer, total shine, and absolute deliciousness.

How many putty highlighter shades are you picking up?

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